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Chijoku no Seifuku

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series C | 0 Comments | 25 Jun 2018
Chijoku no Seifuku Is your neighbor rude to you? Fuck his wife. That’s the moral of this story. Well, it would be if it stopped there. But our protagonist also decides to place spy cameras in another chick’s apartment to... Read more

Behind Closed Doors

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series B | 0 Comments | 20 Jun 2018
Behind Closed Doors Somewhere, there is a forbidden mansion, a house of unspeakable erotic pleasures. Behind each door, a beautiful woman lies in wait for a man’s touch. But these voluptuous vixens have an appetite for pain and punishment that... Read more

Aisai Nikki

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series A | 0 Comments | 16 Jun 2018
Aisai Nikki Sanae is the wife that anyone would be jealous of. She is young, very sexy and gentle. However, after 4 years of marriage, her husband worries if is he good enough for his wife. For a long time... Read more

Wanna. SpartanSex Spermax!!!

author image by flavorful | #Hentai Series W | 0 Comments | 26 May 2018
Wanna. SpartanSex Spermax!!! Yoshiyuki Tanabe disappeared and it was discovered he was bullied in school. Nagisa, Yoshiyuki’s cousin, decided to dress up as a male in order to find out what happened to him and to exact revenge on those... Read more

Helter Skelter: Hakudaku no Mura

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series H | 0 Comments | 16 May 2018
Helter Skelter: Hakudaku no Mura Miu and her family of four women are well-known in the media for being aspiring young celebrities. Her mother, Sayoko, is a famous fashion designer and has scored a job for the family to shoot... Read more

Desperate Carnal Housewives

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series D | 0 Comments | 09 May 2018
Desperate Carnal Housewives Three wives are required to attend a parent/teacher conference because their children were in trouble at school. When they get to the school, they are welcomed by two men, who tell them that the school is closed.... Read more

Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series B | 0 Comments | 06 May 2018
Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai A caddie for the student council can only put up with so many insults before he starts wanting revenge. In this case it comes in the form of blackmail, sex, and a satisfied leg fetish. Genres... Read more

Waisetsu Missile: The Animation

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series W | 0 Comments | 03 May 2018
Waisetsu Missile: The Animation Short stories involving a gangbang at a school and another one involving a “cow-girl”. Cow-girl looks like a girl, but is an actual cow you can milk. Honestly, this will only make sense once you’re high... Read more

Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series Y | 0 Comments | 29 Apr 2018
Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site Tezuka Ryou recently lost everything: his sister whom he loved intimately, his father due to a fire at his house, and now in depression he seeks revenge on the people who caused him all this trouble.... Read more

Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru

author image by Banana | #Hentai Series S | 0 Comments | 28 Apr 2018
Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru Based on the erotic game “Sore de mo Tsuma o Aishiteru” by Lune TeamBitters. Genres [insert_php] the_tags( ' ', ', ', ' ' ); [/insert_php] Episodes Read more

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